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About Streamyx

Streamyx - General Requirements

Before subscribing to Streamyx, you should:

  • Be within 5km of the supporting Streamyx TM exchange
  • Have a direct copper connection through a Telekom Malaysia fixed line that must link to the TM exchange where the DSL is available

Please note:

  • Ezeephone, ISDN, hunting lines and the CDMA service do not support Streamyx
  • Telephone lines with fiber connections are supported at limited areas only

If you’re unsure about any of this, please don’t worry! We will check that all requirements are fulfilled before we’re able to provide Streamyx service to you.

Below are some basic arrangements of the setups available.
Streamyx ADSL
Customer Streamyx ADSL Configuration
Connection at customer's premise is as below:
  • Telephone Socket to POTS Splitter - RJ11
  • POTS Splitter to Telephone set - RJ11
  • POTS Splitter to RTU - RJ11
  • RTU to Hub/Customer PC - RJ45
Streamyx ADSL Configuration
Streamyx wireless (selected areas only)
Customer Streamyx Wireless Configution
Connection at customer's premise is as below:
  • radio unit (CPE) to Hub/Customer PC RJ45
Streamyx Wireless Configuration

You may also want to check the equipment requirements for installing Streamyx.
Click here for the list of Streamyx certified DSL modems.

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