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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Streamyx Blockbuster Deals

Blockbuster and Voice Deals

  1. What is Blockbuster Deals package?
    1. Blockbuster Deals is a package which offers 24/7 broadband service with FREE wireless modem which enables mobility at home, and FREE Dect Phone. Customers also enjoy FREE calls nationwide and Lowest call rates to mobile via Voice Deals plan.
    2. Details of Blockbuster Deals package offerings are as follows:
      Package BB Deals Monthly Fee Voice Deals Fee Modem
      Fee F2F F2M  
      384 kbps RM60  N/A FREE 25sen WiFi
      512 kbps RM90  N/A FREE 25sen
      1 Mbps RM110 FREE 10sen
      2 Mbps RM130 10sen
      4 Mbps RM140 10sen
    3. DECT Phone is applicable for new subscription & upgrading only.
    4. DECT Phone will be given for upgrading wi thin Blockbuster Deals package.
  2. What is the minimum subscription period for Blockbuster Deals package?
    • The minimum subscription of Blockbuster Deals is 12 months from the date of installation.
  3. If 1 am an existing Streamyx customer, can 1 change my existing services to Blockbuster Deals package?
    • Yes.
  4. If 1 do not have a TM Homeline. can 1 subscribe to Blockbuster Deals?
    • You need a TM Homeline to subscribe to Blockbuster Deals package. However, this is also subject to Streamyx service availability at your area. You can apply for TM Homeline and check if Streamyx service is available at your area at any TMpoint or TM Authorised Resellers. Alternatively, you can check for Streamyx service availability by using your neighbour"s TM Homeline number via SMS. Type STX<space><TM Homeline number>, SEND to 33535 E.g . STX 0388888888
  5. lf 1 subscribe Blockbuster Deals together with TM Homeline, can 1 terminate my TM Homeline if Streamyx service cannot be offered?
    • Yes, but you have to settle any outstanding bills on call usage.
  6. lf 1 am an existing TM Homelin~ customer, can 1 subscribe to Blockbuster Deals ? When can 1 start enjoying ZERO charge for TM Homeline rental, which is included in the Blockbuster Deals?
    • Yes. You can start enjoying the ZERO charge on TM Homeline rental for Blockbuster Deals on the next bill date of your TM Homeline after the activation of Blockbuster Deals service.
  7. lf 1 am subscribing to TM Homeline together with Blockbuster Deals, when can 1 start enjoying the inclusiveness of TM Homeline rental for it?
    • You can start to enjoy the inclusiveness of TM Homeline rental for Blockbuster Deals the next bill date of your TM Homeline after the activation of Blockbuster Deals
  8. Are there any additional charges on top of the monthly charges of Blockbuster Deals?
    • Yes, for new TM Homeline customer, you will be charged the following one-time charges
      1. Deposit - RM 75
      2. Internal wiring - [RM30-RM50]
  9. ls there any Streamyx In- A-Box option for this package?
    • Yes, it will be applicable for new & upgrade only
  10. What is the warranty period for the wireless ADSL modem?
    • The modem comes with 12 months warranty from the date of installation.
  11. When 1 can collect my free DECT Phone?
    • You can collect your free DECT Phone at any TMpoints upon activation of the package. You must bring along Multimedia Confirmation Slip to verify your subscription.
  12. What is the warranty for DECT Phone?
    • The warranty for DECT Phone is 12 months.
  13. What if 1 terminate the service within minimum subscription period?
    • You will be charged RM350 administrative fee.
  14. How is my billing charge?
    • The 1st bill received will include one-month subscription fee [from date of service activation], an advance charge of the 2nd month subscription fee and RM10 stamp duty fee.

Voice Deals

  1. What is Voice Deals package?
    1. Voice Deals package is a package which offers FREE national calls to TM Fixed Line nationwide and lowest call rates to mobile & other fixed line networks.
    2. Details of Voice Deals package offerings are as follows:
      Voice Deal Package Monthly Fee Rental Local & National Call (STD) Mobile & OLNO's Fixed Dect Phone
      Voice Deal 38 RM38 WAIVED FREE 15sen FREE (while stocks last)
      Voice Deal 48 RM48 FREE 60 mins, additional @ 12sen/min
      Voice Deal 68 RM68 FREE 120 mins, additional @ 10sen/min
  2. What is the minimum subscription period for Voice Deals package?
    • The minimum subscription of Voice Deals is 6 months from the effective date.
  3. Who is eligible for Voice Deals package?
    • Voice Deals package is eligible for all Residential customers [new and existing] under segment "R" AND service class code "K"
  4. How do 1 register for Voice Deals package?
    • Approach TM authorised agents
  5. When can 1 enjoy my Voice Deals package / when is the effective date of Voice Deals package?
    • You will start enjoy the offerings when your Voice Deals package are effective. The effective date is depend on your billιdate. 1 n other words, the plan will start on the customer's nearest next bill date, as illustrated below:
    • Example: Customer's Bill Date is on 16th
  6. If 1a m not satisfied with Voice Deals package , can I terminate it / how do I terminate Voice Deals package?
    • You can terminate Voice Deals package at any time, however an administration fee [RM50 for terminating Voice Deal 38 AND RM100 for terminating Voice Deal 48 or Voice Deal 68] will be imposed if the termination took place within the minimum subscription period. To terminate, you just need to visit the nearest TMpoint. The package will end / terminate one day before the customer's nearest next bill date, as illustrated below:
  7. Will my telephone bill decrease when 1 subscribe to Voice Deals package?
    • It depends onyour phone usage. If majority of your calls are to TM Fixed Lines, then you can enjoy the savings since those calls are free of charge.
  8. Can 1 check the duration of minutes used either for local or National calls [STD]?
    • Yes. The usage of the minutes included in the package will appear in your telephone bill
  9. What is the definition of .Free National calls [STD]?
    • Free National Calls.. means free unlimited calls made from a town to another beyond the adjacent charge area , from TM Fixed Line to TM Fixed Line.
  10. Will calls to 1 300 and 1 800 numbers be charged?
    • No additional charges will be charged since the calls to 1 300 numbers are charged as local calls and calls to 1 800 numbers are free of charge.
  11. How about calls made to 1515 [Internet calls] 137xx, 600 and 103?
    • For calls made to 1515 [Internet calls]. 103, 600 and 137xx, normal charges applies.
  12. 1 am currently subscribing to Voice Deals package. Can 1 add more call plans to my TM Homeline
  13. 1 am a Streamyx subscriber. Can 1 subscribe to Voice Deals package?
    • Yes, you may subscribe to Voice Deals package.
  14. How can 1 redeem my FREE DECT Phone / How can 1 get the FREE DECT Phone?
    • Once you are successfully registered with Voice Deals package, TM will send an acknowledgment letter confirming your subscription to our service. Please bring along the letter to the nearest TMpoint to collect the DECT Phone. You will get the free DECT Phone while stock lasts. However , if you registered Voice Deals package at the nearest TMpoint, TMpoint will present the DECT Phone immediately to you once the package is successfully registered [while stocks last].
  15. What is the time frame to collect my FREE DECT Phone?
    • The redemption period is 6 months upon package registration.
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