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Streamyx Blockbuster Deals

Terms and Conditions for Streamyx Blockbuster Deals

  1. Speed of service is on ‘best effort’ basis with 24/7 Broadband. 
  2. Service is subject to availability and technical testing.
  3. For NEW and EXISTING customers.
  4. This special packages valid for SUCCESSFUL Streamyx installation and activation ONLY. Thus, TM Homeline subscription before the said event is treated separately and subject to TM Homeline Terms & Conditions.
  5. The minimum subscription period is 12 MONTHS.
  6. If customers terminate within the minimum subscription period, RM 350  for administration fee will be charged.
  7. Modem warranty is only for 12 months.
  8. DECT Phone will be given to New Installation (NI) and Upgrade Speed upon Streamyx Activation.
  9. For Voice Plan RM10/Free Voice :
    1. Subject to 5% service tax;
    2. Customer can start enjoying voice plan on the next TM Homeline bill date after Streamyx service is activated .The voice charges before such notification(s) will be treated as normal charges.;
    3. The existing voice plan will be terminated on the next bill date after Streamyx service is activated.
  10. For customer with existing call plan with Voice 10 , Voice 28 or ANY other call plan will be terminated automatically by system and start enjoy new call plan upon successful registration.
  1. For NEW TM Homeline: Connection fee of RM50 for new TM Homeline will be excluded. Deposit fee of RM75 will be charged for TM Homeline. Internal Wiring for TM Homeline is chargeable (RM30- RM50).
  2. Registration for call plan effective date : immediate BP
  3. Termination for call plan effective date: immediate BP
  4. DECT Phone:
    1. Applicable for New Installation (NI) and Upgrade only.
    2. Migration to same speed will NOT be receiving Free DECT Phone.
    3. Upgrade within this package will NOT be receiving new DECT Phone.
  5. FREE DECT Phone will be couriered to customers.
  6. For existing customer who does not subscribe to the above call plan, TMpoint can proceed to migrate/upgrade to the plan.
  7. A new DECT Cordless phone will be given according to the rules in the table below:
  8. Case Eligibility for new DECT phone
    New Streamyx Blockbuster Deals Application 1M, 2M, 4M YES
    New Streamyx Blockbuster Deals Application 384k, 512k with RM10 package 50% discount
    New Streamyx Blockbuster Deals Application 384k, 512k without RM10 package NO
    Existing Streamyx customer upgrading speed and package to Streamyx Blockbuster Deals (speed upgraded) YES
    Existing Streamyx customer migrating to Streamyx Blockbuster Deals (speed maintained) NO
    Upgrade speed within Streamyx Blockbuster Deals packages NO
  9. Billing
    1. The 1st bill received upon Streamyx activation include the following: 1st month subscription fee and Advance charge of the 2nd month subscription fee. Waiver on fixed line rental
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