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Streamyx In-A-Box

Streamyx In-A-Box package for easy DIY Business Broadband SOHO installation.
You won't have to think outside the box to set up a Business Broadband SOHO connection on your computer. TM provides everything that you need to set up your SOHO connection in one box with Streamyx In-A-Box. Computer sold separately.
If you have successfully registered for Business Broadband SOHO package and opted for self-installation, you will be provided with Streamyx In-A-Box.
With Streamyx In-A-Box, you can set up Business Broadband SOHO at your convenience. You'll not only expedite your installation but you'll also save on the installation fee by using Streamyx In-A-Box.

Inside the Box

Streamyx In-A-Box makes installing Business Broadband even easier and faster.
The Streamyx In-A-Box package includes an ADSL Ethernet Modem, Streamyx In-A-Box Quick Guide, Streamyx Self Installation CD set-up wizard, RJ 45 cable, ADSL splitter, an AC power supply adaptor, warranty card and phone cable.
The CD has a simple step by step interactive guide that will show you how to set up your hardware and software step by step.
Information about system requirements is also available on the CD, as well as a comprehensive help file and a brief explaination of the technology behind Business Broadband.
The program in the CD will verify whether your PC meets the minimum requirements for Business Broadband SOHO before installing the software dialer.
Once the software is installed, just launch the dialer and run a simple test using the dialer to ensure that your computer is physically connected to our Business Broadband SOHO server. At the end of the test, the CD will activate your SOHO account via online.
Streamyx In-A-Box is not available if you register via online.
You will receive Streamyx In-A-Box at no additional cost if your application is successful during registration.

Streamyx In-a-Box is now available at TMpoint, TM Authorized Reseller and Clickers Authorized Service Outlets (CASO) nationwide. Just go into one of our outlets and pick it up immediately.

Outside the Box

With this do-it-yourself concept, you don't have to wait for long to start using Business Broadband SOHO and you can set up the broadband connection at your convenience.
Make sure you install and activate the service within 7 days from the registration date!
However, the account will be automatically activated after 7 days if you don't activate the service.
For more information about the Streamyx In-A-Box, call 100 or e-mail us at
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Customers can also request for Streamyx In-A-Box to be couriered to their preferred delivery address. The following fee will be chargeable to customers:

Delivery Fee (RM)
Peninsular Malaysia
East Malaysia

Note: The above fee will be included in customer’s first bill

Customers will received the Streamyx In-A-Box within four (4) days from registration date. Customers will also be subjected to the seven (7) days auto activation and it will include the delivery period.

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