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Streamyx Combo

About Streamyx Combo

Streamyx Combo is the most attractive and affordable broadband packages TM ever offered to Malaysian residential customers. It comes with a single price with the following items inside the package:

  1. Streamyx unlimited internet access
  2. With modem and warranty
  3. Without TM Homeline monthly rental.

With this package, customers do not have to worry about paying their monthly rental for TM Homeline anymore.

*Streamyx Combo is a package offering and no separate charge for TM fixed line rental.

Streamyx Combo offers special Voice Plan package as an Add On to its any combo packages. Customer will only pay additional RM28 per month on top of their combo package to enjoy:

  1. UNLIMITED call from your TM Homeline to any TM fixed line nationwide.
  2. Special FLAT RATE call charge at 25 cent / minute from your TM Homeline to any mobile and non-TM fixed line numbers nationwide.

Streamyx Combo packages also provide variety to customers by offering attractive Add On with affordable monthly subscription fee. The Add On consists of content and applications for Security, Knowledge and Entertainment.

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