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Value Added Services Description

Online Guard

Online Guard is an online Internet Security solution for home user. It consists of 4 major services, namely MyV3 & MyV3 RTS (Anti-Virus Scanner & Anti-Virus Real Time Monitoring), MyFirewall (Realtime Personal Firewall), SpyZero RTS (Anti-Spyware Scanner & Anti-Spyware Real Time Monitoring) and PC Vulnerability Report (Security Warning Report).

Virus Shield & Anti-Spamming

Virus Shield is a solution that detects and eliminates viruses in your e-mails at the mail server before they reach your inbox. It is more effective than desktop-based virus protection. Anti-Spamming scans and filters unsolicited commercial e-mails (junk mails) from reaching customer's mail box. TM is guided with the industry known spam mail lists from recognized organization worldwide, as well as some 'local made' spam mails.


Xfilter services, is an internet filter or piece of software, that filters by keyword or blocks by URL what a web browser will display, usually for the benefit of children. It filters pornography, alternative lifestyles (homosexuality, adultery) and other sites which parents can customize to avoid the child from viewing. Currently, there are two options of Xfilter services available to the customer;Xfilter Ishield & Xfilter Escan.

Fun Package

All products inclusive @ Only RM12 per month (Total package value is RM260 per month)



    The Star e-paper is made accessible online on the BlueHyppo e-browse service just like the printed edition in real-time at high-speed. It captures the entire content of a physical publication and upload it onto the Internet. Users of this service get to access publication archives for 7 days and also the privilege to read news as early as 6am daily. Among the features included are Mosaic View, Clip & Save, Page Flipping Effect, Multimedia and Zoom In/Out & Panning Effect.


    Enjoy the convenience of having your own library right at home and have instant access to information such as history behind the headlines, answer trivia questions, and satisfy their natural curiosity. With products for all ages, the Family Encyclopedia Suite combines the flagship collection of Encyclopædia Britannica products with the engagin 2005 Compton's by Britannica, the student encyclopedia that recently won the Teachers' Choice Award, plus Merriam-Webster's School Dictionary and School Thesaurus. Hypp.TV — BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE CLIPS PACKAGE
    Hypp.TV is TM Net's newest webTV bringing right to you the coolest premium video content online. Watch match highlights for Barclays Premier League matches and special themed clips, receive exclusive round up videos, daily dose of football breaking news and so much more. The service truly caters for fans of 20 clubs who want to watch the best of UK football any time and from anywhere!


    Games on Demand offers unlimited plays of over 10 full version PC games. Available games are popular titles like Treasure of Montezuma, DNA, Hyper Space Invaders, Magic Ball 3, Snowy Space Trip and others.


    A holistic e-learning package for the whole family from the age of 3 and above that comes complete with learning English, Maths and Science in a fun way. Features include: 1) Learn To Speak -Type a word or sentence and learn how to say it 2) English Assessment Test for excellent reading, listening and grammar 3) Interactive Games and 4) The Homework Center.


    Ka-Pow! Channel on brings you the tough and thrilling world of contact sports, showcasing the power of Mixed Martial Arts, Rugby, Wrestling and Boxing. All the contents are exclusive for Internet - the first of its kind in South East Asia and not-to-be-seen on cable, free-to-air & satellite TV. With weekly new videos, this exciting new channel will get your adrenaline pumping and your sports fix going in no time. For existing Streamyx Combo customers, subscribe to Fun Package at Online SelfCare

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