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Streamyx - Installation

Streamyx - Self Installation Guide

  1. Unpack the box contents

    1. ADSL Modem

    2. RJ 45 Ethernet Cable

    3. Streamyx Self Installer CD

    4. ADSL Splitter/Microfilter

    5. Power Cable

    6. RJ11 Phone Cable
  2. Play the Streamyx Self-Installer CD

    Insert the Streamyx Self-Installer CD into the CD-ROM drive of your computer. An interactive guide will be automatically launched. Follow the step-by-step instructions to proceed with the installation.
    You are advised to go through the step-by-step 'instructions in the CD to assist you with the installation and ensure successful activation.

    Step 1 - Setting up the physical hardware connection

    1. Please refer to the diagram in the Streamyx Self-Installer CD for the installation layout.

    2. Approximately 15 seconds after successful set-up, your modem DSL light will be lit and not blinking. If the DSL light is still blinking, please double check the physical set-up.

    Step 2 - Verification process

    1. Streamyx Self-Installer CD will verify your PC's minimum requirements and ensure your connection is ready for activation.

    Step 3 - Activating Streamyx account

    1. Upon successful verification, an activation screen will be shown and you are required to fill up the following information :

      1. Login
      2. Password
      3. Telephone
      4. Handphone
      5. NRIC/BR/Passport

      - Please refer to the Multimedia Confirmation Slip provided to you during registration for your login and password information
      - Telephone: the telephoen number registered for Streamyx
      - Handphone: the handphonenumber you submitted during registration

    2. Click the "submit" button and wait for the response.

      Please note that the activation process will not be successful in the following conditions:
      1. Wrong login and password information
      2. Activation is done at a different location
      3. Activation using the same PC/network card for more than 3 times
      4. Account is already activated

      Step 4 - Installation of Streamyx Connection Helper

      1. Streamyx Connection Helper which includes Speedometer and Troubleshooting guide will be automatically installed on your desktop. Should you encounter any problems in the future, just click the icon.
  3. Ready for use

    Now, your Streamyx is ready for use. Just launch the dialer from your desktop.

    Click the 'Dial' button to get connected to Streamyx. Ensure that you type your username in the following format:
    <login ID>@streamyx [eg. user@streamyx]

  4. Experience broadband

    You can now experiencing the best of broadband with Streamyx

    Feel the difference of high-speed Internet access now.

Important Notes:

  1. Please be inform ed that your account will be automatically activated after seven (7)days from registration date if you do not proceed with the activation.
  2. If you require installation assistance, please call 100 and select 'Internet Services' for installation arrangement. An installation fee of RM88 will be charged to your Streamyx bill.
  3. If the service cannot be activated due to infrastructure restrictions i.e. bad copper quality, customers are required to return the modem. Otherwise the service subscription fee will be charged.
  4. If you have additional phone(s) connected to the same line, we would advise you to install a microfilter to avoid any noise disruptions when making or receiving calls.
  5. For installation of the USB modem, please use the Manufacturer's Modem Set-up Disk.

Thank you for using Streamyx In-A-Box to self-install your Streamyx service .

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