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Important! Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Streamyx Subscription. Thank you

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*Please send a copy of your IC (Identity card) and/or business registration to our email at:

All the fields with "*" are compulsory.
is the explanation on that particular field.
This form is for Business Broadband Only.
Please click here for Home Basic and Streamyx Combo Registration.
Thank you.
*Please select your Streamyx package
Please select a Streamyx (Business Broadband) package to sign up with.
*Company Name
Please enter the company name or the name of the person-in-charge (for registration using personal name).
*Company Registration No.
Please input the ROC or ROB no. or the new I/C no. of the person-in-charge (for registration using personal name).
*Full Name as in Identity Card (I/C)
Please fill in the full name as in I/C of the person-in-charge. e.g Ahmad Bin Mohammad
*Identity Card (I/C) No. (New)
New I/C No. e.g 750803103457 of the person-in-charge.
Idendity Card (I/C) No. (Old)
Only applicable for applicant born on or before year 1977. Old I/C No. is compulsory for new fixed line application.
Optional for Streamyx only registration.
Passport No.
Passport no. is compulsory for applicant of foreign origin. Please enter 000000000000 into the New I/C No. box.
Please select your country of origin
*Installation Address
Please enter your full address, including house no., street name, garden, village or area name.
Postcode is compulsory
Please enter the city of your location.
Please select a State from the list
Service Telephone No.
Please enter the fixed line phone no. at the address where you wish to install Streamyx.
Leave blank or enter 0000000000 if you need to apply for a new fixed line.
New Fixed Line Application Required? Yes
Please check the box if you do not have a fixed line and wish to apply for a new line for your Streamyx connection.
Contact Telephone No. (Fixed Line)
Optional. For contact purpose only
*Contact Telephone No. (Mobile)
Please enter the mobile no. that you can be contacted.
Please enter your contact email address
*LoginID (option 1)
*LoginID (option 2)
*LoginID (option 3)
Comments & Suggestion (optional)
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