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Catch up with the fast-moving world of broadband with our exciting packages. Bring the web’s rich multimedia content to life and enjoy that boost in connectivity, only with Streamyx!

Package Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Price
Streamyx 384kbps 384kbps 128kbps
  • RM20 for 10hrs – additional usage: 5 sen/min (without modem) More details
Streamyx 512kbps 512kbps 256kbps
  • RM44 for 60hrs – additional usage: 1 sen/min (without modem)
  • RM66 (without modem)
  • RM77 (with modem)
Streamyx 1.0Mbps 1.0Mbps 384kbps
  • RM88 (without modem)
  • RM99 (with modem)
Streamyx 2.0Mbps 2.0Mbps 384kbps
  • RM188 (with modem)
Streamyx 4.0Mbps 4.0Mbps 512kbps
  • RM268 (with modem)

All packages feature a dynamic IP and are inclusive of 1 email account.

Please note:

  • Your Streamyx charges will be integrated into a single “Bil Telefon & Multimedia” bill.
  • Click here for more detailed information regarding our package options.
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